January 7, 2020 Weekly Report

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Highlight of the Week

5G expected to hit the market this year

  • A wave of 5G smartphones, laptops, and other devices are expected to arrive in the fall of 2020
  • Eventually, 5G is expected to offer speeds 100x faster than 4G networks, but review thus far in emerging markets have been underwhelming

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Rapid Report:

Abelian Brand Mark

Citigroup goes digital

  • Citibank will hire 2,500 coders to bolster its trading and investment banking units
  • Bloomberg has reported that 75% of Citi’s trades were electronic in 2019, and the move demonstrates that major banks are shifting from in-person trading to algorithmic operations
  • Stuart Riley, global head of operations and technology for the bank’s Institutional Clients group stated, “Technology is augmenting what humans do by making better use of data”

Iranians call for revenge on the United States

  • Iranians marched through Iran’s capital in a funeral procession to honor Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, as officials rallied the nation in response to the US killing of their military leader
  • Soleimani’s death has united Iranians among an intense anti-US sentiment and has emboldened their leader, Tehran, to threaten retaliation

New Georgia senator sworn in

Businesswoman Kelly Loeffler officially replaced Johnny Isakson on Monday

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