Abelian Partners was created by former bank executives to provide practitioner consulting solutions to financial institutions.

Abelian consultants have “sat in the chair” and made the tough decisions that clients face every day. Abelian consulting teams are efficient with ideas and designs because industry experience backs up all recommendations.


Abelian Partners was founded on a belief that culture drives results. Abelian actively manages its teams and clients with a foundation of integrity, empowerment and communication.

“Doing the right thing” drives everything at Abelian. Values of trust, honesty & kindness are all wrapped into the package of integrity. Abelian likes the people and clients with which it works. It sees the clarity in right versus wrong and always makes the “right” choice.

The Abelian Name

The name Abelian Partners is derived from the abstract algebra concept of Abelian Groups. An Abelian Group is a set of objects that is commutative, or interchangeable. A typical example of an Abelian Group is the set of integers with respect to addition…that is a + b = b + a. While a and b are entirely different numbers, both can be interchanged without effecting the result.

Similarly, Abelian Partners builds its teams out of unique consultants each with a specific role and expertise. However, teams are managed from a very “flat” management style emphasizing the equivalency of members. Abelian teams communicate well and empower members to work cross-functionally and creatively. As such, partners, team consultants and clients become empowered as fully implementable solutions are developed.

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Abelian consultants have “sat in the chair” and made the tough decisions that financial institutions face every day.