December 31, 2019

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Highlight of the Week

Stocks reach record highs at the end of historic market year

  • S&P notched five straight weeks of gains, rising 29% in 2019 overall
  • Apple and Advanced Micro Devices have been the best stocks of 2019, gaining 84 and 150%, respectively

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Digital bank license overhaul in Singapore

  • Ride-hailing company Grab announced Monday it will team up with one of Singapore’s major telecommunication services providers, Singtel, to apply for a full digital bank license in the country
  • The two companies will form a consortium with Grab owning 60% and Singtel owning the remaining 40%
  • After launching services like e-money and lending/insurance distribution in Southeast Asia, Grab Financial Group intends to build a digital banking network

YouTube responds to federal privacy clampdown

  • YouTube will soon limit the data it collects on videos designed for children to comply with a federal privacy regulation
  • Videos made for children will not allow comments or other features that can boost viewership, suggest more content to watch, or add personal ads based on Google’s user data

Georgia Civil Rights icon fighting cancer battle

Democratic congressman John Lewis disclosed he has pancreatic cancer

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