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Rebel Ideas By Matthew Syed

Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking

by: Matthew Syed

Central Theme:
When solving complex problems, cognitive diversity is just as important as intelligence.

“Rebel Ideas” by Matthew Syed details how imposing specific standards on teams reduces the likelihood of successful outcomes. It provides strong anecdotal evidence that productivity can best be harnessed within flat organizations that engage alternative points of view in meaningful ways.

In the past, success has been a result of intelligence, skill, and commitment. But the problems of today’s age are often too difficult to tackle in isolation. Instead, they require a collaborative effort. Most importantly, it is essential to construct teams that are not only demographically diverse, but also cognitively diverse, with each team member contributing their knowledge and perspective. For example, brilliant ideas often happen when employees have chance encounters with colleagues from different departments. The fastest relay team may consist of Usain Bolt and the fastest runners, but the best group of innovators will benefit from a wider range of perspectives and experiences.

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