The Phoenix Project


The Phoenix Project

by: Gene Kim, George Spafford, and Kevin Behr

Central Theme:
The importance of collaboration, communication, and continuous improvement through the lens of DevOps principles.

While “The Phoenix Project” centers on the application of DevOps principles to improve IT systems and processes within an organization, its philosophies can be applied to any dynamic business environment.  Unlike the typical IT or project management text, “The Phoenix Project” relays its teaching through an engaging, fictional story that will leave the reader both entertained and enlightened.

The Phoenix Project follows the story of Bill, an IT manager at Parts Unlimited a company facing major IT problems impacting business operations. Bill is tasked with leading the effort to fix these problems and throughout the book, he learns about the principles of DevOps and the importance of collaboration between development and operations teams. He encounters various obstacles and challenges including resistance to change, siloed departments, and outdated processes but eventually succeeds in turning the company’s IT operations around. The book ends with Bill reflecting on the lessons he learned and the impact of his efforts on the company’s success.

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