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Highlight of the Week

U.S. Banks Lost a Record $370 Billion in Deposits Last Quarter

  • Banks saw a significant decrease in deposits in the second quarter. The loss is not concerning for most banks that had more deposits than they wanted due to pandemic stimulus.
  • During the pandemic, the NY Fed program grew substantially. Experts were expecting money to flow out of the reverse-repo facility first before deposits were impacted. This has not been the case so far.
  • Now, it appears that deposits will continue to flow out and reduce the Fed’s reserves faster than expected.

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Rapid Report:

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U.S. Bid to Revive Chip Manufacturing Collides With Wall Street’s Demands

  • The Chips and Science act passed by President Biden in July will subsidize chip manufacturing from companies like Intel.
  • Intel is one of the few chip manufacturers committed to the domestic production of microchips.
  • Despite Intel’s commitment and support from the US government, investors still seem to favor asset-light companies, such as AMD, who design the chips and then outsource production to countries like China or Taiwan.

U.S. Inflation Remained High in August

  • The CPI rose 8.3% in August which is down slightly from 9.3% in July. The core CPI saw an increase in the growth rate compared to months prior which indicates that price pressure remained strong in August.
  • These inflation results strongly suggest that the Fed will have to raise rates by a least .75 basis point.
  • Jerome Powell stated that rate increases would bring down inflation. “they will also bring some pain to households and businesses.”
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