April 28, 2020 Weekly Report

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Highlight of the Week

Companies continue suspending dividends

  • More companies have suspended o canceled dividends so far this year than the past 10 years combined.
  • All dividend actions thus far add up to savings of about $22.8 billion, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Rate Curves

July2 2019 Rate Curves

Rapid Report:

Abelian Brand Mark

Coronavirus updates (as of Tuesday morning)

  • COVID-19 has registered 3 million cases and taken over 220,000 lives worldwide. There are now 934,878 recovered cases.
  • The US has accounted for over 1 million cases and over 55,000 deaths.
  • Georgia has confired over 24,000 cases and almost 1,000 deaths. Restaurants opened Monday per Governor Kemp’s order, although they are currently required to adhere to 39 guidelines including that all employees must wear masks.

White House unveils new testing strategy

  • The Trump administration unveiled a new strategy Monday to help states ramp up their capacity for coronavirus testing. The administration claims that seven of the administration’s eight total steps have been completed.
  • The partnership leaves individual states responsible for the majority of designing, funding, and executing testing plans.

NY Senator calls for legislation to establish postal banking

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand calls to reestablish postal banking an reinvigorate voting rights to help low-income households struggling without access to banking services.

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