Strategic Growth Research for FinTech

Abelian Financial Plan

Client: In the second quarter of 2020, Abelian Partners collaborated with the executive team of a FinTech based out of Reykjavik, Iceland. The company has a compelling value proposition for their banking-as-a-service technology. Working quickly over a couple of weeks, we delivered research that the company is using to identify strategic growth opportunities in the U.S. It was a fun, fast-paced project and we look forward to hearing about future success of the company and working together again.

Engagement Scope: The company is entering the U.S. market through a partnership with its client and was seeking to identify opportunities for its digital banking platform to further penetrate the U.S. market and position its product for U.S. companies. Further, the company was evaluating the feasibility of U.S. based businesses to provide their employees with digital banking products and services that have been traditionally offered solely by banks. This research and analysis project took place over less than 3 weeks.

Scope and Methodology: Abelian has developed a project-management style based of Agile Project Management that allows for rapid progress and first-class client experience over short-scoped projects. This project included full engagement from a senior-level expert as well as the full attention of a senior analyst on the team. Included in the scope was a complete evaluation of market opportunities in the U.S. tied to the company’s value proposition, a sizing of the total available market and target markets of U.S. based businesses an industries that align with the company’s business proposition, and finally conventions and trends of U.S. businesses in the areas of payroll, insurance, incentives, and other forms and compensation typically provided by employees.

Results: Abelian was able to deliver first-class service, research and analysis, and deliverables over the course of the project. The quality of service was regarded as above and beyond satisfactory by the FinTech company’s executive leadership.

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