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Thinking Fast and Slow

by: Daniel Kahneman

Central Theme:
The human mind contains two systems, one that acts instinctively and one that acts very deliberately. The relationship between these two systems can play a critical role in concentration and efficiency.

“Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman details how the mind’s tendency to oversimplify things without sufficient information often leads to judgment errors. Kahneman challenges readers to adjust the focus of their minds to affect thoughts and behaviors.


Kahneman details how our behavior is determined by two different systems – one automatic and the other considered. Cognitive strain helps us succeed at things like statistical problems. We can enter this state by exposing ourselves to information presented in a confusing way. Our minds perk up and increase their energy levels in an effort to comprehend the problem, and resolve to find a solution. Kahneman further details how individuals make strange and seemingly irrational decisions. Basically, our thoughts and actions vary depending on which of the two systems in control of our brain is at work. By recognizing these systems at work, we can utilize our brainpower to make more effective decisions.

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